What we do

With over 30 years experience, we have taken the best of what we know works and we’ve built the toolkit to help you hire and manage well. It’s fast, agile, effective and customizable.

bootstrapped talent management in 3 toolkits


A hiring process toolkit to share the responsibility for hiring. It helps teams use the right data to make great hiring decisions.


A manager’s toolkit to guide “what’s next for me” for their team, in line with company goals.  It helps retain and develop talent In an agile, future-facing way.


A leadership toolkit to ensure the right people are growing with the business and working together to win. It helps foster collaboration, trust and accountability.

we solve these growth challenges


It’s deeply important to us to retain our culture; how do we scale this without the founders meeting every potential hire?

We set off fast. Why is it taking so long and why does it cost so much to make hires?

Why are we making bad hiring decisions?

More people in the team are now hiring. How do we stay aligned and ensure everyone knows what they are doing/does their bit well?

people development

Why are people issues are taking up too much of the C-suite’s time?

Our bright people are getting restless. They keep asking “what’s next for me?” How do we retain them?

Our managers are inexperienced. How do we turn them into great managers, fast?

We need to grow our people team. How do we ensure this is a value-add function?


Do we have the right people in the leadership team to get us to the next stage? Where are our next-gen leaders?

The people who founded this business together now need their own development to get to the next stage. How do we do this?

Why is there a lack of trust and accountability at such a senior level?

Our next step is to grow in new markets. How do we clone ourselves to do this?