The Hiring Code: creating the right hiring process for your company

The Hiring Code: creating the right hiring process for your company

Making great hires is vital for both individual and company growth. Fast-growth disruptive companies, in particular, must attract and acquire the top talent to drive their company forward and achieve their full potential. However, many of those in scaling mode do not even have a hiring process in place, let alone one that creates an environment of best practice recruiting. That’s why, in this blog, we explain how scaling companies can create their perfect hiring process.

Sharing responsibility for hiring

In short, hiring must be a whole team effort. Aligning the insights and views of each team member allows companies to understand what competencies, attributes and personalities they specifically need to succeed. Knowing exactly the type of candidate that will seamlessly fit into your company’s culture and add the required expertise and skills is key to finding the right match.

Why is it important?

Creating a forward-thinking, all-inclusive process will ensure companies make the right hires with the right skills at the right time. It’s the best way to ensure that your team is balanced and has all the necessary skills to grow; a team made up solely of Messis, Ronaldos and Neymars, for example, is not going to win the league.

Meanwhile, it will not only prevent the need to panic hire in the future, but also wastes less time – and money – for everyone involved in the present. Including the candidates themselves.

Companies must remember that hiring is a two-way street: the best talent is also looking for the right company for their own development. That’s why a well-rounded process is so important: it will accurately amplify a company’s identity and purpose, while also precisely describing the scope of a candidate’s role – emphasizing what will be expected of them and how success will be measured, as well as highlighting their future development and impact on company growth.

A hiring process like that increases your chances of beating the competition to acquire the best talent for you, while concurrently acting as a positive brand enhancer: candidates talk and delivering a phenomenal candidate experience transforms them into first-class advocates for your company.

How do you create this process?

Many companies ‘appreciate the importance’ of hiring, but their absence of an appropriate process shows the opposite. Basing a candidate interview filter on ‘years of experience’, before asking them to ‘walk through their CV’ over coffee is as successful a hiring process as plucking a CV out of a sack of 100 applicants.

Lack of time and budget are often blamed for the lack of an efficient working process, so our company The Talent Stack devised a hiring toolkit based on the principles of power moments: tools and techniques, which when implemented, have an outsized impact on results.

When it comes to hiring, all companies should: define, design, decide.

  • Define your hire: build a data-led model to work out what great looks like in every hire.
  • Design the process: know where and how to find the best candidates.
  • Decide with accuracy: learn to assess and recognise the right match for you.

At The Talent Stack, this is what we specialise in. In the same way that you’re looking for the talent that best fits your company, we build a tailored toolkit, so your hiring process best fits your company too. From decoding your talent DNA and building competency stacks to producing candidate sourcing strategies and mastering interview techniques, we’ll ensure your company knows how to find, attract and acquire the top talent it needs to succeed.